Dear Margaret,

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Dear Margaret,

Two young friends, in a world that had gone bonkers, try to keep each other grounded by writing letters to each other during WWII. Although what happened in their lives was vastly different from each other, they found a common ground, a way to keep each other sane.

From mundane daily chores to life threatening events, these letters from two pen pals take the reader on a journey into the past, a past where nightmares came true, and when hatred reigned.

A time in history that we should never, ever forget.




Dear Margaret, is based on real people. Margaret's memories from that time and the WWII experiences of H. P. Lawrence, a Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat, and decorated war veteran. 

If you are interested in more information about the non-fiction memoirs of ARM Henry Paul Lawrence, see I WAS JUST A RADIOMAN

Both books are available in print at your favorite bookstore, as an e-book on Amazon, or in audio formats.

Let me tell you some more about Margaret. It is more personal, touching upon who Harry was and who Margaret was, how they felt about the war, and how they both dealt with it so very differently.

Dear Margaret, is  based on events that occured in Margaret's life, friends, and family during WW2. She and Harry did know each other, however, she was four years younger than him. So, obviously, he wouldn't have been having a running, continuous pen pal relationship with someone so young.

Most of the people mentioned in Dear Margaret, are real, and the historical events, and much of the family history that happened in the letters are true. Yes, she had an uncle named Popeye. Yes, she knew and was friends with Doris Duke (Poor Little Rich Girl, The richest woman in the world, Duke University) Yes, she worked as a Red Cross volunteer. Yes, her mother worked at the torpedo station.

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Okay, I have received a multitude of emails asking...Did they marry and live Happily Ever After? Well inquiring minds want to know!



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